New Space Program established!

1951 January 1 Illyrien City

Following the national KEGO brick building contest, the winner Gene Kerman, was selected to head the new space program. When asked about it, just as he was receiving the award for most complicated KEGO design, he replied “I have mastered KEGO, as I see it, rockets are just the same. How hard can it be? I look forward to taking Kerbalkind above the clouds and to the stars. Its what I have dreamed about since I put the first 2 blocks together”.

Also in the news, the new space center has been established on the coast next to an old abandoned runway. For now its just set of buildings, though with large spacy looking sci fi equipment. Just this morning, a bunch of engineers and other KEGO brick building contest participants have arrived and have started rummaging though the component files. Eager enthusiasms and the smell of coffee permeates the VAB, promising great things to come.





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