Engine Troubles

[1951 January 1. Directors Log]  – Later the same day, after about 10 lost rockets…

How hard can this be! Argh! Without the ability to throttle, engines have to be chosen very carefully, and matched to cargoes. If the engine goes too fast, it will cause the craft to hit the air so hard, that it would be like hitting a brick wall! That caused several air explosions initially! Those Merlin engines are just too powerful for low level launches!

Secondly, its annoying, that once turned off, they will be unstartable. This required flightpaths to be rather accurate. With only a small margin of error.

It seems that there is only a slim window, in which an engine is not too weak or too slow.

After some more research, I tried the Castor engines. Since they are throttle lockable. Okay what that mean was that it build up thrust slowly, and, can only be turned off slowly. This is a problem, since where with other engines, in case of emergency, the rocket can be shut down and landed with parachute, that is difficult when the engines keeps burning minutes after turnoff.



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