We have liftoff! Sort off..

[1951 January 1. Directors Log]

In the early hours of the day, the engineers, befuddled about the abundance of choices of engines and fuel, stacked together, what they assumed would work, and put it in the launchpad. A volleyball was taken from a nearby beach, painted grey, filled with a little electro gadgets and added as the “brain” of the “space mission”.  With great enthusiasm, the countdown was initiated.. “3.2.1. Ignite!”… and in a minor explosion, the volleyball was launched 20 meters into the air. A first for the Illyrien Space Program!

An hour later, a different engine was added to the fuel barrel. A barrel containing oxygen and kerosene. Substances all the engineers claimed would work! At the first launch of Test Two, it might have, had they actually remembered to fill the barrel.

After the initial embarrassment, the refuelling was done and Test Two launched again! This time, with a roar, the rocket streaked upwards! The first ever true launch! 1 second later that resulted in the first ever rapid unscheduled disassembled in a spectacular boom! With two parts collapsing to the ground meters from the contracts building!

Apparently getting to the stars is a bit more complicated then originally expected..



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