Fireworks in Paradise

[1951 January 1. Florika Beach Tribune ]

Just today, near the new spacecenter, onlookers were entertained by celebratory fireworks though the day. This reporter, who was on site for other reason,  was amazed at the size of the rockets, and of the explosions. Normally fireworks just go up and explode in shiny colorful figures, but apparently the space program was trying something entirely new. Including rockets splitting into parts, which then flew around, or hovered in parachutes.

No Kerbinauts could be seen, apparently, and confirmed with ISP Information Officer Lia Kermin, the bar was open and free cocktails where offered in the Space Walker Lounge

As a final note, this report, would like to advice beach-goers are advice to avoid the beach strictly westward of the ISP Launch site, since this area is being used for fireworks testing.

Note: After this update, it was decided to restart. We had noticed that our KSP instances and mods weren’t in alignment. Also, we wanted to add Construction Time to prevent moonlandings by 1952. We wanted much more time to pass. I am going to assume, that everything written so far is canon, and just continue the story.


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