Space! We are there!

[1951 May 1. Cape Canaveral]  Space Day

Today  are happy to announce, that we have managed to send our first ever rocket into space! At around 18:02 local time, it crossed the Kerman Line at 100km and continued upwards, reaching an impressive 118km, before returning to the surface.

This was the first launch of our third series of rockets, called “Spacereachers”, and also the first attempt at putting one rocket atop another. While this does sound really strange, Bob the scientist, did the math, and assured us, that if the engineers could get this to work, then mathematically it would be worth doing.

The Spacereacher. The first launch, after 4 simulations and many little tweaks.

The idea came after the successful launch of the second series of rockets, the “Bigger and Higher” series, which reached 72 km high and brought home a stunning amount of science from throughout the atmosphere.

Bigger and Higher – 72km above the Illyrien Space Center

Numerous engineering challenges where overcome, for us to reach so high, especially the problem of stage separation and engine ignition. It looked so easy to just let loose the lower stage and ignite the second, but in such situations, the fuel would be in microgravity and could not be ignited. The problem was discussed extensively, but in the end the chosen solution was one offered by Jeb, who suggested that we should just start the second stage engine earlier. This strategy worked and hot staging was chosen as the solution.


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