Elegance takes to the stars!

[1951 June 29 Illyrien Space Center ]

Today we are happy to announce, that with the launch of the Elegance V we have managed to reach an unbelievable height of 382km! This also represents the edge of what we can do with A-4 engine, and this type of pure rocket design. But that was made clear earlier by Werner von Kerman, and his team are hard at work at providing us with improved engine designs. The new engines are expected early in 1952, and will allow us to venture even further into space.

The Elegance series was initiated, after curious engineers figured out how to assemble a set of fairings, and then quickly decided on making a sleek aerodynamic design. The first was launched mid May, and was a wonder. Sadly the photographers where so amazed that cameras where dropped and only the prelaunch picture survived.

Elegance I

Following that the first launch the engineers got drunk with endless ideas on upgrades, and many designs where tested, only to be quickly improved, and tested again. The end result, and the final version of this design was the Elegance V

Elegance V – With twice the main tank, and 8 Tiny Tim boosters
Elegance V – At 382km (real picture with artist drawing of rocket)






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