The Next Step

[1951 August, late night, Illyrien Space Center, Prometheus Conference Room]

“So Gene” Hugh started, “we have reached space, and even managed to beat the Kerbinians to it. What do we do now and what is the next step?”

“Well, Hugh” Gene replied”, holding his large cup of Koffee. “This is just the first step and the journey of a million of kilometres begins with a single step. There are many many step yet to take before we can reach that”, Gene said, pointing out the window towards The Moon. “And even beyond that”, he continued, “there are many more places to go. Earth is the Cradle, but one cannot live in the cradle forever”.

“The successful launch, and return, of Jeb has given us a huge bonus from contracts and milestones, and this will help us build a lot of rockets and a lot of planes. But that wont be enough, we are going to need a lot of new engines, new equipment and new materials. Lots of stuff which still doesn’t exist. Our current facilities also have to be expanded. We need better launchpads, tracking centers etc. All of it.”

“In that regard, here is what I want you do start doing.
* Upgrade Launch Pad
* Upgrade Tracking Center
* Upgrade Mission Control
* Upgrade the cantina
* Continue developing Early Orbit Rocketry.”

“While this is happening we should continue with the launched. The next step is to launch the Spinning Dancer, to see if we cant get closer the the Kerbinian hight record. Werner has promised an unconventional solution to the problem.”

“Also neither of us or the Kerbinians have yet managed to actually land a plane safely on the runway. Valentina is pushing for effort in this direction.”

“Finally, tell Mortimer Kerman over at Finance to initiate the fundraising campaign he has been talking about for a while. We are going to need all the finances we can get.”


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