So, this “orbit” thing

1951 December, A very late night at the The SpaceBar

“Damned the Kerbinians, I want be a high as them. I want to be in space.”, Jeb commented, speaking to none in particular, while holding his beer. “Hey Jeb, no worries, we will get you back up again. And for longer!” At that comment, Jeb brightened and looked at Bill. “How?”

“Well, as you know, we got the new set engine types today, and they are looking really good. ” Bill replied. “How ?” Jeb asked, I have seen the catalogue, they are smaller then the A-4 we are currently using. “Very true”, Bill said, “but that is the cool thing about it, they are lighter, more efficient and much stronger. Leaving more weight for fuel. So you can get higher”.

“Space is not about going up”, injected Bob, “its actually about going sideways. Just like your drunken jigg, Jeb. Sure getting up is tough, but once you are a bit up, we need to go sideways, and to do so very very fast. That is the reason we are currently launching rockets eastward, towards Bermuda. Anyways, we should go to bed, we got more practice tomorrow.”.


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