Low Space Science

[1952 April, Illyrien Space Center]

Where  Kerbinians practice getting more and more high, our space program has chosen to learn more about ourself and the universe around this wonderful planet. For that purpose we have launched Valentina and Bob into low space, to conduct a wide range of research experiments. Valentina, as an ace pilot took to towards exploring the shore biome, while Bob our first rate space scientist took to the sea. The night before launch Bill helped nail two goo container to the side of the cockpit turning it into the first ever space bio science vessel. We have gained so much science, that it will take our other scientists years to fully explore it.

Further, a rocket exploring orbital options reached the azores, paving the way for direct guest visits to our dear friends at Baikonur. Jeb still insists, that if we cant send him into orbit, then atleast we should send him to Bermuda… I just might be tempted to do that.

-Gene Kerman



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