Jeb escapes into space

[1953 May 8, At the Space Bar]

“So, Jeb, how was space?” Bill asked, beer in hand.
“Well, Bill, it was about the same as inside the cockpit, except well, no glass”, Jeb replied, “not that I had much time to enjoy the view. my cockpit started spinning rapidly every time I stepped outside”.”How did you even managed to get out?” Valentine interjected.
“Ha, that was actually pretty easy.” Jeb said, grinning wildly. “When I was walking around exploring that nice new Astronaut Complex, I stumbled upon an office. And since we are all about exploring space, I explored that space. Inside, on a piece of paper, I discovered the code to open the window. Once up at 300km, I just did that. Gene wasn’t too happy at that.”.
“Yeah” Valentine noted. “One day I was passing by, I noticed his Tech Tree plan. Crewed missions are pretty far off.”





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