The Moon gets a satellite

1953 August 21, Illyrien Space Center

The last time we considered this topic, we had tried, unsuccessfully to orbit a small science probe. That probe has since left both Earth and Moon SOI and been lost to the cosmos. Today however, we are proud to announce that our third mission the the Moon has successfully, and without incident, established an orbit around the Moon. The orbit is elongated, with a periapsis below 100km.


Graphical illustration of the orbital path of the science probe.

Since the Kerbinians apparently lack basic telescopes and math ability, and refused to acknowledge our previous flyby mission, this time around, we have added solar panels, so that this probe will be able to transmit radio signals in perpetuity. It still lack camera’s put that will be added to future missions.

The about of science gained from orbit has been amazing, and we can only marvel in wonder at how much science can be found on the surface below. This will be the topic, and goal, of future missions.

-Gene Kerman



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