Pictures from the Moon

1954 April 18,

Public announcement from Parliament Hill
In a stunning achievement from our amazing space program, we have taken pictures  of the Moon. All of our citizens can now enjoy the many pictures taken from the satellite’s 4 camera’s. This proves once again, the outstanding engineering skills of our people….

Meanwhile, at the Illyrien Space Center, Prometheus Lounge…
“Okay people”, Gene said, looking out across the crowded room. “What happened, why did the mission fail? We are lucky we could just managed to park the satellite in such a highly eccentric orbit and make something out of it! Otherwise this could have been a complete disaster!”
“Well Gene, we have had some time now to analyse the telemetry from the mission, before and after we dropped the final stage. It appears that all liquid oxygen has somehow been lost in the 6 days it took to reach the Moon. We are not entirely sure how. We have included the problem in the PhD recruitment pack. We are taking steps towards reducing this problem in the future. It should not interfere with the upcoming Polar orbit mission at the Moon.”



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