First the Moon, then what?

1954 June 10, Illyrien Space Center

With the recent landmark in the Space Race, its time to sit down and consider what to do next, and to lift the cover of secrecy, which has hidden our activities since we decided on a Moon landing a the earlies possible point.

We feel that recent landing proves the outstanding  quality of our computers and electronics equipment against false Kerbinian accusations, and we await their next step. Be that a jump or a crawl. With our missions, and current rocket designs, we have achieved parity in heavy lift capability. We are indeed open for business.

Looking towards the rest of the year, and further, these are the goal, we are going to aim for.

Immediate Goals

  • To achieve successful re-entry
  • Close polar orbit of the Moon
  • Geostationary satellites.

Further Goals

  • Crewed reentry (Jeb insists he wants to be on the first one)
  • Earth polar orbit
  • Flyby of other worlds


We have little idea what the Kerbinians are up to. Despite them having a minister of (Mis) Information, we have little actual information as to what they are planning. From projections based on their recent polar launch, the first of its kind, we must admit, we estimate, that their probe must have overshot our Space Center.

From that, we are sure that they have learned about the recent construction activity around our Research facilities, though they could just have read the local newspaper, if they wanted actual information about that. I can indeed confirm, that a deep indoor pool is being constructed, meant for both scientific, training and recreational use. No, it won’t be opened to the public.

To the stars,


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