1954 – a year of achievements

December 31st, 1954 – Illyrien Space Center

1954, wow, quite the year. We experienced up’s and down’s, trials and trumps. but we stand here, much stronger then ever before. When I stood here, a year ago, we had managed to launch small satellites to lunar orbit. A triumph in its own time. Today we are able to launch much heavier missions, and we even landed on the Moon.

The major milestones where:

  • Successful Moon landing
  • Massive upgrades to science and production facilities
  • Established geostationary communications network
  • Safe probe recovery
  • Breakthrough in engine and rocket designs
  • Breakthrough in automated launch systems

Major missed opportunities where:

  • The Venus Launch Window
  • Beating the Kerbinians to crewed orbit

The majority of our effort went into the Moon landing and the ICBM, with other missions added whenever possible. The Moon was a major relations boon, but the ICBM was incredible important. Not only for all the peoples of Earth, but especially for us, since it now means that we can be sure of optimal launch conditions and LEO operations. In short, it was a key in developing  our orbital infrastructure. Of equal, or even great importance, was the future refinement of the kOS ascent code.

So, 1955, what can we look forward to? Well, for once, NOT Venus or Mars, that will have to wait for 1956, since the launch windows are too far away. In 1956 though, we can expect quite the race for Mars.

So, what else? What do we do now? We have been drawing up plans, and listening to suggestions. Including about 102 suggestions from Jeb about getting him into orbit. Well, Jeb, you are going to get your way. Other then sending Jeb into orbit. We are planning on launching a new range of science missions to both Earth and Moon. Especially for polar orbits, but also including weather satellites for Earth.

Furthermore we are aiming for more landings on the Moon, including, perhaps, the establishment of a ICBM around the Moon.

In any case, raise your glasses, and happy new years.



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