6 ICBM’s launched. The world will now hear us!

1954 November 17, Parliament Hills,

Opening with the Minister of Communications.
Today is a great day for our great Republic. Today, half an hour ago, the final ICBM was tuning into its final path. With great accuracy we have reached out target, and the world is now covered within our ICBMs. Today the entire world will hear us!

It is true, that the Illyrien Communication Backbone Measure, is also tasked with relaying defence communications, but it can do so much more. To show the capability or our satellite network, we will be beaming a great Kestern movie, “The Good, The Bad, and the Absent”. Anyone with a dish, try aiming at the sky, at one our 3 satellites, and your should have 2hours of enjoyment, starting in tomorrow evening. Until then Gene Kerman, 1951 LEGO winner, and the head of our excellent space program, will give a few words in the Tech Talk.

Tech Talk with Gene Kerman (Illyrien Space Programme)
Interviewer: “So Gene, welcome to the talkshow. What you and your people have done, well, that is a marvellous achievement, please tell us a little about it.”

Gene: “Well Bob, after we landed on the Moon, earlier this year, we put our effort back into solving the reentry problem. As you know, the atmosphere is incredible dangerous, and none of our return missions have survived. Not that any of them where remotely designed for that. We have heatshields by now, and we have seen the Kerbinians use a directly related approach. Well, by then we where going for that. We launched a mission, which did succeed. Unfortunately, at the last moment the reentry probe hit communication gab between Afrika and South America, and the parachutes could not be commanded to deploy. ”

“That was the final straw. A mission lost, and huge problems earlier, with all our Moon missions, demanded that we do something about this. Especially the Moon missions.. The departure window was often over the Indian ocean, so we had to delay until we reach Australia. This gave worse trajectories to the Moon.”

So we designed a communications probe and started launching. In total, we launched 6 missions. Two were failures, 1 was a defence contract, and the final 3 established a triangle at 35.701km. Earth is now covered.

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  1. Fun fact: You can set the deployment and “fully open” altitudes of your chutes and arm them in orbit – communications don’t matter for opening them then.

    Heck, I have a habit of doing that on the way up already, just so that I don’t forget 😀


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