New Research Center finished

1954 September 21, Illyrien Space Center

“So” Jeb said, looking at the new research center, which had just finished construction, and smiling “I heard that the new swimming pool is finished, who is up for a dip? ”

“Ehm, Jeb, that isnt a swimming pool, its an EVA Operations Testing Facility, meant to simulate a space environment. You know, to test spacesuits, tools, equipment and procedures, before we actually deploy those on missions. But yeah, I guess it can also serve a dual purpose as a water-based recreational facility…” Bob commented.

“In other words, its a pool, a big deep one. So, want to join? Just pretend its training, and the gods know, we have done plenty of that this long year.”

“Right Jeb, I will go get Val, try getting a hold on Bill. Last time I saw him, he was closely studying the blueprints and schematics. Claiming to be looking for some hidden bar deep inside.”

“Good” Jeb replied, “I need something to compensate for the fact the Jebediahski over in Kerbinia is getting into space, and I am still stuck on the ground”


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