Probes – What are they good for?

1955 January, ISP Probe Catalogue

E – Small Lunar probe

Early probe, used for all early lunar missions. It was limited in size due to the restriction of the primitive avionics. With fuel, it could not exceed 300kg. It could not be build larger, since the basic solar panels could not power a larger avionics module. It did its job though.

Probe E.png

Lunar Lander

Design still classified. (Land on the Moon to unluck)


Re-entry Test

Basic probe, designed for testing re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. Little more then avionics, RCS, parachutes on top of a heatshield.


Geo ComSat

Build for proving communications near Earth.



Next generation high science probe, first deployment scheduled for early January. Carrying almost every experiment available.









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