Jeb takes a walk, in space!

1955 February 1, Illyrien Space Center, Main Control Room

“All right people, standby, 15 minutes to return window for a Florida landing. Report readiness.
Guidance standing by.
Weather standing by.
Engineering standing by
Red 5 standing by”

Gene: “Jeb, this is Gene, lock RCS in active position, and prepare for the return run. De-accelerate to reentry speed. Use the Force of the RCS to realign to prograde, and boost to reenter the atmosphere”

Jeb: “I am passing through the magnetic field hold tight”.

Control: “Jeb! You’ve turned off your targeting computer… Is something wrong??”

Jeb: “Nothing. I’m all right.

Gene: “What is happening”

Jeb: “Everything under control, situation normal. Had a slight button malfunction, but everything is fine right now. I am all fine here. How are you.”

Control: “I am putting engineering on it”

Jeb: “Negative, everything is fine here. Give me a little while to do what I want to do…”

Gene: “Gorramit Jeb….”

24 hours later…

Jeb: “Hi Control, this is Jeb, talking do you have outer space, I have a few questions… and a complaint.. there is not enough snacks on board, this should be fixed.. also this thing on my control panel called ‘Electric Charge’ is running pretty darn low.. is it important? ”

Control: “Yes Jeb, it is. Once it hits 0, you will never be able to get a new supply of snacks. Use the Force of the RCS now, and return to Earth!”

50min later…

Jeb: “Control, this is Jeb ‘Spacewalker’ Kerman, I have touched down on Madagaskar, can you pick me up?”



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