Odd Contract Fullfilment

1955 April 16, Illyrien Space Center

Control: “Gene, this is Control, we have just finished placing the contract probe in the desired orbit and performed all the possible science experiments… but we are wondering, what should we do about the film return capsule? ”

Gene: “Film return capsule? What! Isnt this a contract mission, to place a probe in Moon orbit and then leave it there?”

Control: “Indeed it is.”

Gene: “Then why does it have a film return capsule?”

Control: “I don’t know, we just fly the thing.”

Gene: “Right, just leave it there, while I check with Finance.”

Gene: “Finance, this is Gene, about this new contract we just fulfilled. Are you entirely sure that we fulfilled it? It seems rather odd to put a film return capsule in orbit of the Moon and then just leave it there…”

Mortimer: “Hi Gene, yeah, a bit strange, but we really did everything the contact says.. Perhaps they should have considered that, and asked that it be returned safely to Earth? Well, the money was pretty good, so we can always hope, that they will ask for another one.”


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