Jeb “Spacewalker” Kerman visits the Moon

June 13, 1955, Parlament Hill

Public Annoncement from Parlament Hill
We are happy to announce that we have just received confirmation that weak radio signals have been detected in the western pacific ocean. They are indeed coming from Astronaut Jebediah Kerman, and he reports a safe touchdown, except for the loss of the primary antenna, which was apparently burned off.

Here at the hill, we are happy that its finally over, at that these many unnerving dives into the atmosphere are finally over, at that Jeb finally managed to dive deep enough to slow sufficiently down.

Lets switch over to Gene Kerman, straight from the Illyrien Space Center, in sunny Florida.

Gene Kerman, Illyrien Space Center
Gene: “Thank you, Mr. Press Secretary, yes, we are indeed relived, that he returned on the 4th dive. I can reveal, that Jeb was getting rather grumpy at these repeats, and that RCS fuel levels where getting pretty dangerously low. We where weren’t very happy when we lost contact on the primary antenna. Those where tense minutes, until we reconnected on the capsule radio.”

Press Secretary: “So Gene, this has been the focus of your work for many months, can you tell us about what has happened behind the smokescreen. I am sure that the listening public are curious , and would love to hear how technology and engineering is done, in the worlds most advanced nation”.

Gene: “I imagine we all do engineering the same way. We try to assembly components, and test them to see if they work. This mission was no exception. We can simulate a lot of things, but Lunar flyby is something entirely different. Especially a crewed one. We simply don’t want to put Jeb at any unnecessary risk. This is why we launched another lunar flyby mission a couple of months ago. It was a test run of the vessel. A test of fuel levels, electric charge and re-entry. After the test flight we upgraded the design, and that was the design we sent to the Moon. Lets include Werner and Bill, to talk about the vessel.”

Werner’s Wonder Lab, Illyrien Space Center
Werner: “Yies, it was a good vessel, I was sad to see it burn up. We where told to pack food for two weeks, and to have enough space for Jeb not get get stir-crazy, more zhan, he already haz, that is. So we just added a second capsule. Now, when he gets bored, he can change to the other pod. ”

Werner: “Electricity was a real challenge, so we just added a lot of these fancy new expanding solar panels. You should have heardz Jeb’s comment, when the panels unfolded. He laughed on the channel, and gave the vessel its name… The Porcupine”.



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