Omni Communication Pathway

1955 August 12, Illyrien Space Center

Control – Log entry 12/8/55:
Finally! We got the 3. of  the 4 MEO Omni satellites into its position, more or less. It was quite the bitch pain in the ass to get it there. That one was really strange probe. For some reason it did not respond to any commands other then ones directed at the flight computer itself, and commands to do RCS thrusts pro or retrograde… Very very strange. Likely this is a consequence of the micro meteorite strike, which also damaged one of the solar panels. Good thing the engineers designed it for redundancy.
– Rodario Kerman, Control, officer of the watch

Earlier, at a status meeting in the Prometheus Lounge.
Gene: “Right then, put down the coffee, we have work to do, and we need a solution. We face the challenge that Control often forget to change the uplink target on the missions, towards the next geostationary comsat, leading towards lack of control. Also, Margaret has an idea, which might help our science situation, but she require permanent connection along a polar orbit. We need to provide that. So, ideas?”

Bob: “Well, the Kerbinians  just dumped a ton of small probes into LEO, which is one way to do it.”

Gene: “Indeed, but that takes either launching a lot of those, or placing them very exactly. How many would we need, as a minimum, if they where all in perfect position?”

Bob: “From my calculations, that would be 6. And that is with little margin for drift. With the new Com32’s we can reduce that to just 3, and that would include quite a large margin for drift.  We would have to position them further out though. I think 8000km would be good altitude.”

Gene: “Really, that is great. Lets do that. ”

Bill: “I have a few sketches for a launcher, and a nicer one then the Kerbinian KFC cannon. Speaking about that, I am a bit hungry, what is up for dinner? Oh, and I have added a new feature… Sure it can deliver all 3 omni satellites, but we leave it at that? So I just added solar panels and antenna and other gear to the launcher body, turning it into a fourth satellite. That should help when the drift slowly moves the satellites out of position.”

Skærmbillede 2016-12-02 16.29.35.png



  1. Did you switch off the avionics on that last sat? It looks like you did that, given what you say you could do 🙂

    Also, are you sure that thing will work? 32-32 is only about 10 Mm in the root model I think? That leaves a 5.000 km gap in there, doesn’t it?


  2. That is why I asked if this model would give a shorter range… I am pretty sure that the listed range on the Omni 32s was huge.. if it isnt, then yes, there could be a gap… good thing that I used the launcher as a 4th node then.. :/ Home much does it help, that they carry two Com32’s each?

    ehh… I will have to check… would be pretty stupid if that was the case 🙂


    • Well, you’ll probably have to calculate manually, as the gap was with the stock ranges – with the RSS ones, it might be good.

      The difference with the root model is that the range of both antennae affect how far they can be apart – which can extend a short ranged one quite a bit, but also limit more powerful ones if they connect to a weaker one – it can never be less than the weaker antenna though.


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