Science from the Sun

1955 Late September,Florida Tribune

Science from the sun – A Kepler probe launched a week ago crossed into the Sun’s sphere of influence earlier yesterday. The ISP report full contact with the probe, and that all 9 science experiments now responds to commands. Its was touch and go for a while with one of the, the plasma measurements, but after some work, and restarting the hardware, it now reports correctly as well.

The ISP press secretary reports that the science teams are incredible excited and are already hard at work analysing the data. It should keep them busy for months.

In additional to the science packages, the probe also carries a large communication package which represents the first steps in establishing a solar system wide communication network. Already communication links are reaching out towards the faraway planet Mars.

(Models available in local the toy store, gotta launch them all!)

Skærmbillede 2016-12-15 00.49.27 - Kopi.png
Fully deployed Kepler 3 probe


Game Note:
Yes, I know those dishes cannot possible reach Mars… I did that out of habit since that works fine regular KSP where I tend towards doing that often. Only later did I do The Math, and figure out how pointless that actually was.. Oh well, now the probe has redundancy 🙂



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