Robotic mission failures

1955 December, Illyrien Space Center, Gene’s Office

“So” Gene said, looking up from a report from Control, “we lost another mission. Damn. Was this another case of software failure. Like the other 3 recent failures?”

“No Gene, its not, this one is actually a design failure. After the sudden decay and crash of the two Kepler 2 mission, well of the Moon orbiting at least, since we managed to recover the Earth orbiting one.Well, after that, we lost our altimeter scanner, and all its data, so the engineers just added a new scanner to the second Moon Com probe. That unfortunately made the probe unbalanced and we simply could not control it sufficiently, to transfer it to the Moon.

“Damned engineers…” Gene said, shaking his head, “I got to have a word with them about not just slapping a piece of equipment we need, on delicate probes. Any news on the problem that suddenly disabled the station keeping on the Kepler 2 probes? They should have been able to stay for years and years.”

“No, unfortunately not, it seems we will have to send another Kepler probe to the Moon.”



      • Did you set it to the correct one?

        You have to select which engine it uses for stationkeeping – if it runs out of the selected one, it doesn’t switch over to the other as far as I know, but have to be changed manually.


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