Computer Science unlocks the secrets of Earth

11110100100 January, Illyrien Space Center

“Wow..It works! It works? I can’t believe it works… oh well, time to celebrate! Bring on the cold Koka Kola ! I’ll make toasts for everyone!”

“And that was the response in the Distant Information & Kommunication  Unit (DIKU) Lab earlier “, Margaret Kerman said, “and we are indeed quite happy about this. This should help our scientific exploration quite a bit, and ensure that we actually gather all relevant science. Every last bite of it. Assuming of cause, that the science probes follow polar orbits, and that the science instruments are enabled for this kind of automated science recovery. ”

“Enabled instruments?” Gene replied with a raise eye and continued “are they not all enabled?”

“No, sadly no.  Not all of them. What we have achieved now is to automate science collection using stock science packages. They can be collected, both here on Earth and at the Moon. The other bunch of experiments, they all still require manual input. My people are working on a separate code package, which will ease the task, so that it will be detected when human action is required, and they will be prompted for it.”

“Excellent” Gene replied smiling “I am sure that the graduate students are happy that they can stop sitting and querying the probe every 15 seconds about whether anything new of interest has happened.”

“Oh, also, any news on developing automated landing code?”

“Ah, well Gene, its underway, but not a priority… after all we only get one shot at landing safely, where as science probes in stable orbits, well they are not going to crash and burn if we miss a dot somewhere.”

* DIKU is the faculty where I got my masters.



  1. So, uhm, you’re not aware that the “[x] Science” package has a “now”-function that does this and also stops time-warp, are you?

    Sure, it can’t execute the experiments from D-Magic, but it still sees them…


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