Return to the Moon

1956 May

Press announcement

About 2 years ago, we sent our first probe to the surface of another body, The Moon, in all the time since, we have rapidly developed our technologies and achieved so many goals. Now though, its time to return, and we have just done so.

Earlier today, we landed a probe, which someone has called the “Dove” class. Its purpose was to test new technologies, such as advanced probe cores, engines and landing legs… and for the landing itself to be semi automated from lunar orbit to surface.

We have these exciting graphs to show…

A little earlier at the ISP Florida Control Center

Mission Control: “Touchdown, The Dove has landed, softly!”

Controllers:  Wild cheers

Gene: Great, how softly?

Mission Engineer: Only two legs broke, the probe topped over, but is otherwise fine.

Gene: “Great, now turn on the camera’s, so that we can get some nice pictures to the press office”

Mission Engineer: “Camera’s? Ehm, this probe doesn’t have any… neither does the next one”

Gene: “Sigh… I am going to Kill Bill…”



    • Ah well, I assume that there where some 🙂

      In any case, after some hours debugging, I managed to get my Lunar landing code to compile, so hopefully the next will be fully automated… or a nice explosion 🙂


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