Return to the Moon (p2)

1956, May 20, Illyrien Space Center

Press conference
When we last talked, we only had some amazing graphs to show, and while that is exciting, so many of you asked for photo’s. Well, today we show that we listen to your friendly requests and we have a few images to show you from our recent Moon landing.

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The lander was a Dove, just like earlier, except this time, many camera’s where mounted all around the probe body. One major change though, was that this time around, the lander was fully automated, and the computer handled it from periapsis, from about 37km and all the way down. At first it reduced horizontal speed to about 9, then it slowly descended down to about 3600m, where it performed a suicide burn to land softly at about 5m/sec.  

With this landing, the Dove probe, and the previous Moon Lander 5 have been declassified, so we can talk a little about those today. First, here are some pictures.

The tall probe on the left, with landing legs, is the Dove, while the one on the right is the Moon Lander 5. The major difference…


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