We are back in space!

1956 November 11, Illyrien Space Center, Press Lounge,

Briefing from the press secretary

Yes, the rumors are indeed correct. After many months of research and many late hours armed with only cups of coffee and sliders, we have achieved a major technological breakthrough in Space Exploration.  The time when our brave Kerbinauts where packed in like sardines in dinky old Mk1 Capsules is now behind us. I think Bill Kerman, of the famous Orange Four, has instead called it “fish in a barrel”. This should greatly help relive the stress felt.

The flight surgeon recommended that Jeb be restored to duty sent back into space, to help with his state of mind, and those around him. He also added that the leg is healed fine from the recent go-carting incident, and that it should pose no problem in zero-g.

Their field trip to LEO took 5 days and the purpose was to see how the 3-man capsule held up, and how it was living and working there. A magnetic chess set, a couple of books and a few space beers from Kuborg, seems to be the favorites.

While in orbit, Jeb “SpaceWalker” Kerman took a few pictures for the occasion

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Thank you, that was what I had to say today. Any questions?



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