1956 – Venus, Mars and big rockets!

1956, December 31, Illyrien Space Center

People, this will be a short speech, not because there haven’t been a lot of things happening this year, rather its just too much, and we have already talked about this endlessly. Besides, that buffet table looks really great, so lets get to it.

We spent many months this year leading up to the mass launch of rockets towards both Venus and Mars. Both operations where ultimately successful, though few of our probes managed to arrive. Orbital mechanics where simply against us. In the future we will be prepared though, and we have learned quite a lot about of neighboring planets.

Later in the year, we managed to achieve docking in both Earth and Moon orbit.

Most of the rest of the year was focused on our coming Moon landing. For this purpose we developed heavy lift launchers, both the Wunder and the Wunder EH. Amazing rockets, which have truly unlocked the universe for us. Other parts of the Apollo program was the development of automated code for landing probes on the Moon. A thing we have managed.

Major Milestones

  • Interplanetary missions to Mars and Venus
  • Docking in Moon orbit.
  • RCS in designs (dual rings and fuel = rcs fuel)
  • Automated landings on Moon and Mars
  • Astronaut complex expanded.
  • Major increase in employees, especially due to the Missile Gap. We now have 629 at the space center.
  • Building speed reached 15pts/day and science reaches 2.055pts/day

Right then, lets have some food and party!


Important game discoveries

  • Orbital Decay seems to cause problems with flight paths, which really messes up transfers. Its a pain
  • All engines used outside of Earth atmosphere must be Gimbal Locked! Or they will fail!
  • Interplanetary Transfer. Learned that I can, and should, make the entire plan straight from Earth orbit… rather than the silly way I did it earlier.
  • To have TWR of at least 0.5 for probes…. 0.19 is just too damned slow! But just fine for cleaning up the apartment, cook food or iron the shirts..

One comment

  1. It’s not like the engines fail, they just have a tendency to steer completely out of control…. But yeah, I’ve made the same discovery – also that I need to place RCS actually balanced, and not just balanced as I can hand-steer, because the scripts can’t handle that it seems.


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