Reactions to the bear

1956, December 21, late, Illyrien Republic

Reaction to:

Well-dressed Kerbal 1: What the hell!
Well-dressed Kerbal 2: Look at the size of that thing!
Well-dressed Kerbal 3: That is frightening, just imagine what they can do with a rocket that size.
Well-dressed Kerbal 4: Its not the size, its how you use it!.
Well-dressed Kerbal 5: Give me a line to Gene Kerman, the ISP needs to speed up its operations, to beat the Kerbinians, how ever long, however hard, whatever the cost. The missile gap, and the science gap must be closed. They must hire more scientists! Our Nation could have afforded, and can afford now, the steps necessary to close the missile gap. Also, I shall address the public, and I shall win this coming election.


Historical Reference:



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