The Voyage to the Moon begins

1957 January 25, Illyrien Space Center

Welcome back, and to anyone who missed the launch during the night, oh boy did you miss some amazing fireworks, and the wonder of seeing the huge rocket lift off into the skies on a column of violent fire.

To recap, earlier today, about an hour ago, three brave kerbinauts, Jeb, Bill and Valentina, took off, from the nearby launchpad. They boarded the rocket via a skywalk from the launch tower, and had been waiting an hour prior to countdown.

They boarded the CRV, which is situated atop a huge Wunder EH, capable of lifting the CRV, at 74t, to a orbit of 250km. While in space, they performed final equipment checks, and prepared for the push towards the Moon.

The latest news is, that they have burned successfully and are on an intercept course, which should seem them at the Moon SOI in short of 6 days.

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