Jebediah’s triumphant return

1957, February 12, Illyrien Space Center


Press briefing, at the Press Lounge

Nice to see you here, hopefully, after the last days briefings and interviews, we can take it easy today. Now that the Jeb, Bill and Valentina have been through isolation, the press and misc. other obstacles, they have had a day off to recover. Tomorrow, they will travel to the capital, for a victory parade and meetings with the president.

After a few days there, they will head out across the country before heading out on a trip around the world. We do not expect them back for the next two months. It won’t be all travel and talks, fortunately. They will spend 2 weeks at a resort on Hawaii away before returning to the mainland. I hear that the surfing should be excellent at this time of the year, and Bill will be visiting our observatory there.


At Gene’s Office

Jeb:  Gene, these two modules, the LEM is made out off.. Please tell me, that we will never ever ever use those again, they are truly horrible. Both Bill and I experienced airlock failures, throwing us away into space! We almost loss Bill, when we where cruising towards apoapsis, after takeoff from the Moon! Thankfully he is pretty good at RCS as well.

Gene: Noted. Sad to hear, but you aren’t the only one to complain. Val called it a death machine and the engineers where horrified at its low power engine.  Its sad to lose such a huge investment, but when we go back to the Moon, where are going to need a better lander than that one. Have fun at the capital Jeb.

Jeb: Very fun Gene… I just look forward to surfing.

Gene: Well, break a leg… well not literally.



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