Operation Polaris

1957 June 12 , Illyrien Space Center, Press Lounge

Greetings all, and welcome back, hoping you are enjoying the summer. Its been a quiet period when it comes to announcements, but I can assure you that the ISP have been incredibly busy with preparations, designs, tests and general research. We have upcoming launch windows we needed to prepare for ahead of time, including the designs of a whole new generation of deep space probes, called the Fharlanghn series.  A strange name, but one derived from a game very common amongst our engineers and scientists.

Today however, we will talk about something else, which we have been working on along side the probes. Its something new, not seen in real life before, a space station! A new place for Kerbalkind to live. Sure, one does not simply create a new place for life from scratch, so the first one to orbit will be geared towards gaining experience with zero-gee life.

The first to be launched, will be a core section, able to to provide living space, and food, for a lot of kerbals, and for a long time. It is designed for ease of expansion, so that new modules can later be added, modules for science, for sustainability or whatever it makes sense to add.

In the spirit of international cooperation, and what magic can arise from it, it has been named Friendship Station, because Friendship is Magic. It will be open to all, though as a first mover, we reserve the right to define the standard docking connector, for which we have decided on  the Apollo Docking unit.

The final orbit has not yet been decided, but only two candidates are left. The first is a pure polar orbit, from which this operation was originally names, and the second is a ecliptic orbit, aligning it with the solar system. The major reason for the polar orbit, is for ease of doing science, and since this will allow for all countries on the planet, to reach it.

Any nation can send their missions to dock, and for living there. Please bring your own food though. Also, not that its only a size 8 orbital, so do call ahead and arrange a visit.

Construction has not yet finished, so its not yet open for business, further announcements, when its open.



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