1957 – Moon Landing and Space Station

1957 December 31, Illyrien Space Center

People, this will be a short speech, not because there haven’t been a lot of things happening this year, rather its just too much, and we have already talked about this endlessly. Besides, that buffet table looks really great, so lets get to it. In other words, same procedure as every year!

Firstly, The Moon landing! What else do we really need to say? It was such a major thing, the product of these many years of work. Endless words have been said, so I shall add no further.

The second thing which deserve mentioning was the Fuel Study.  The Fuel Study was VERY interesting. Together with the recent experiences with interplanetary launches, Hydrolox engines became a feasible choice, at least for Earth SOI. Drastically improving our capability to reach into deep space.

Thirdly, we established a space station. A new home for Kerbalkind, or atleast a first step in that direction.

In total, our major milestones are

Major Milestones

  • Moon Landing
  • Fuel Study, proving the usability of hydrolox fuels
  • Fixed issues with the launch code
  • Developed high dV science probes
  • Launched two further missions towards Venus
  • Gave Kerbalkind a permanent base in space, open for all.
  • Established regular traffic to the station and started expansion.
  • Building speed reached 18.8 pts/day and science reaches 3.023 pts/day
  • 15 launches in total.

Right then, lets have some food and party!



Important game discoveries

  • Multiple rings of engines. Gimbal Lock all but one. Or crash!
  • Better tank architecture, using dual tank. Both pressure and ballon. Actually I think its pretty close to being an exploit
  • When launching troublesome wobbly cargoes, run the code from the Circulation Stage avionics. Also be absolutely sure that you “Control from here”.
  • SRB’s have a momentary flameout just as they ignites. WTF! Cause a lot of code problems until I noticed it.
  • It is actually possible to use liquid hydrogen… surprise!
  • Upgrading the VAB is hugely beneficial. Gained +2½ BP/day and can build wider rockets (might be unrelated).

Rule Changes

  • Increase Hab multiper to 4
  • Add in StageRecovery


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