Reaction to KSA Venus launch

1957 November, Illyrien Space Center, Prometheus Lounge

Reaction to

Gene: Okay, next point. There is news from Kerbinia about a launch. Bob, any comments?

Bob: Yeah, its pretty strange. Apparently they are going to try to land on Venus. I, and a team went over all of our scientific data about the planet. We even had the equipment checked, and construction logs.. Our exploration of that planet reveal it as a burning hot world, covered with impenetrable cloud cover. We simply cannot grasp, what they are trying to do.

Gene: Is it possible to land? Afterall we do have a radar map, showing that land exists.

Bob: Well, unlike Mars, but like Earth, it does have dense atmosphere. As far as we know. So yes, heatshield and  parachutes should be able to slow down a probe.. but given how hot we expect the atmosphere is, it really should catch fire and burn up.

Bob: Should be possible..

Werner: Ha, ja, goodt, luck with zhat.



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