The Voyage to Saturn

1958, February 21, KNN TV Studio,

Speaker: Next on the “Space Hour” we have Gene Kerman from the ISP. He will talk about the latest space news. Hi Gene, welcome on the “Hour”.

Gene: Thank you John, it will be a bit short, but I shall do my best to answer your questions. Ask away.

John: Ah, thanks for the time then. You recently had two launches, of who large rockets. What where those missions?

Gene: Well, as you know, where launched two missions towards Jupiter earlier this year. This was basically the same. We launched two more Fharlanghn deep space probes. This time though, not for Jupiter, but for the next planet away from our home. Saturn. Its more difficult to get out there, but this was considered, when the probes where originally designed.

Gene: Both launches went well and the probes where sent on 2200 days trips… their 6 year mission to explore this strange new world. We have planned course adjustments near where the probes cross Mars orbit, which will take them on close flyby of the Saturn.

John: Impressive. What will happen once they reach Saturn?

Gene: We will do as much science as we can. Unfortunately the journey there took far several thousands more dV than we expected, more than our dV maps showed. So neither probe will have a lot of fuel left at the point of the flyby. We are not not sure why the maps where wrong. A mystery we will have to uncover.




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