Flight of Icarus

1958 September 11, Illyrien Space Center

In ancient Kreek mythology, Daedalus and his son Icarus had to flee the island of Crete. To achieve this, without access to boats, Daedalus, a skilled craftsman made wings for his son and himself. They set out during the day, and it went well, until his son Iscarus became prideful soared ever higher towards the Sun. He was warned, but he ignored it, and as he flew higher. Unfortunately for him the wax holding the feathers of his wings melted in the light from the sun and plummeted to his death.

The moral might be, don’t be too prideful, or perhaps, don’t fly to close to the sun… Or perhaps, if you want to flee, do it at night…

Well, its been a few thousand years since that fabled flight, but we are about to fly too close to the Sun. The destination? Mercury.




  1. Apparently Transfer Window Planner was a bit deceitful about this transfer, and Mercury was not in a good location, but I managed to eventually find a flyby path… It cost about 10k dV, fortunately this probe was so designed with a large excess, that it actually worked… :/


    • Well that doesn’t sound like a convenient thing?

      incidentally, my first attempted fly-by went awry because it was a similar iffy thing that required a very precise intercept – which was impossible due to a loose thrust plate making me end up in a not-very-optimal orbit, dooming the mission :-/


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