A Year In Space

1958, September 16,

Jeb: “Knock knock”

Val: “Who’s there?”

Jeb: “Jeb”

Val: “Jeb who?”

Jeb: “Jeb, with actual food from the surface…”

Val: “Opening up right now! Glad to see that food, oh yeah and you all!”


That was the fun little scene which played out at about 500km above the Pacific earlier today, and the occasion was nothing other than the well deserved one year anniversary of the launching of the Friendship station. The current crew will be replaced, with a new crew, and the station will receive a maintenance overhaul, which will eventually lead to an upgrade of the life support systems some time around the Christmas.

We are happy to announce that after her debrief some recovery, Val will be joining use here in the studio for a talk about life above the clouds. So send you best questions and we will see if we can ask them.

The ISP where gracious in sending us a series of pictures taken early by  Jeb “Spaceman” Kerman on a space walk around the station.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Also, in the news, we hear that the Kerbinians have broken a new “duration of stay in space” record, of 31 days. Our congratulations to Kerbinia for these first baby steps steps.

Next on the news, the Puerto Rico game championship reaches news heights of excitement as…




  1. I “love” the look where you’ve just left the engine stages there 😛

    for Kerlab (and future KSS) I’ve always made sure that the module was being tugged up by something I could then return down in order to leave a “clean” station.

    I guess different aesthetics 😛


    • It actually looks quite nice in color, soo..

      All the excess stuff is still there since I dont have an engineer up there to fix it. In either case, from what I remember from by old KSP game with TACL its worth it to wait and send up a container for (unknown) components, which you get when scrapping stuff. Once I get an engineer up, and scrap something, then I will know what to container to send.

      Actually the tanks, engines etc are designed to be detached, so they can actully all fly back down into the atmosphere, if need be.


      • It’s gonna be great once we get to 1960 – at least that’s when I plan to start using colour pictures 🙂

        Also, I think that the station will survive the LS switch, as long as you detach any USI LS components (tanks and recycler).

        Me though? I plan to de-orbit Kerlab in December…


  2. Yeah, I quote look forward to not having to convert.

    Unfortunately I have several tanks, soo. Put I plan on using hyperedit to replace it, if the game deletes it. I am going to evacuate it first though. Just in case.


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