1960 – year in review

1960 December 31, Illyrien Space Center

“So, here we are at the New Years party, seems like it was only a month, since last. Wow, this year has passed us by so quickly.”

“As always, we have been doing a lot of exciting projects, this time heading even deeper in the deep darkness of space, to Neptune. Of cause the inner system should not feel cheated since we have also sent a probe to Mercury.”

“The really big event this year of cause, was the election of Noxin Kerman to president. I know many here have mixed feelings about this, but the people have spoken, for this 4 year period, and its ultimately them we serve.”

“Noxin announced his plan for us to build a base on Mars, and do the other things, and that has really shaped this year. We have built and launched a massive amount of equipment towards Mars, and we are going to continue doing that for years to come. Interesting, and challenging, times are ahead for us.”

“We have so many exciting things planned for 1961, that I think we should pop those champaigns and get celebrating! Cheers!”

End of year status

  • About 4,6 Millions funds
  • About 2100 science
  • 5,56 science/day .
  • Cape Canaveral 23 / 23 / 23 (69 BP total)
  • Infrastructure (new)
    • Improved the landing field

Gameplay Changes

None that I can recall.



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