The Setting


  • The basic idea is a Real Solar System/Realism Overhaul/Realistic Progression Zero game. To discover how difficult space is, and to beat the challenge! While doing so, we will post stories of success, and failure, from our space programs.
  • No saving and loading. Though since KSP is not entirely without bugs, especially with this many mods, its allowed, but only to prevent technical problems.
  • The difficulty level is Normal (but with all game options disabled)
  • The original inspiration can be found here:

The other space programs

Kerbinia Space Agency


Based geographically mostly in what in an alternate reality would be called Russia/India

Avacore Space Program


Avacore crafts can be found at:



The final mod list can be found here: CKAN file for RSS game

Including 3 screenshots showing game settings.

There should be 77 mods. If there arent, try importing from the same file again… it worked for me 😉

Personal Houserules

  • If I simulate something 10 times or more, then whether it works or not, it should still be launched. Should be a funny story, if nothing else.
  • Assuming its possible, simulate isn’t allowed for testing landings on other bodies.
  • If I gain any knowledge during simulations, the rocket has to be launched.