The Setting


  • The basic idea is a Real Solar System/Realism Overhaul/Realistic Progression Zero game. To discover how difficult space is, and to beat the challenge! While doing so, we will post stories of success, and failure, from our space programs.
  • No saving and loading. Though since KSP is not entirely without bugs, especially with this many mods, its allowed, but only to prevent technical problems.
  • The difficulty level is Normal (but with all game options disabled)
  • The original inspiration can be found here:

The other space programs

Kerbinia Space Agency


Based geographically mostly in what in an alternate reality would be called Russia/India

Avacore Space Program


Avacore crafts can be found at:


The early mod list can be found here: CKAN file for RSS game ask for updated mod list.

Modifications of the mods

Change Modification Where
Convert O Tron 250 Has a H20spliter option. This one had been changed to convert 12.2 water into 26.464 LqdHydrogen and 9.039 LqdOxygen. Preserving mass Modified in StockTweaks in UBI
Kerbal Carry Volume In EvaInventory, increase maxVolume to 30000 From KIS\settings.cfg
Recycling Technology Set to require only Early Space Station Done in ModuleManager.TechTree

Banned Tech

  • Sentient AI desiring to exterminate all of Kerbalkind
  • non-RO0 XL Advanced Reacktion Wheel
  • non RP0 Salamander Command Pod
  • All nuclear engines, using “Liquid Fuel”