kOS Scripts

Name Description
Ascent Code Basic launch algorithm for launching rockets to a 250km orbit. Boosters are optional and TWR should be between 1.4 and 3. The cost to orbit is about 9.500.

For best performance, the main step should be powerful enough to lift the rocket to 200+km. Anything less, and optimal performance cannot be guaranteed.

Scanning code Algorithm for automating the scanning of bodies. Preferably from a polar orbit. Stock experiments must be tagged as “Science” to enable. Works for stock experiments, and a few other experiments from mods.
SingleScan A single run of the scanning code…
Mars Lander Base code for landing probes on Mars using only parachutes. Modified slightly for individual missions.
Lunar Lander Script to land on the Moon, or other airless bodies. Removes horizontal speed from orbit and then descend. Uses a suicide burn prior to landing.
Lunar Lander II Script to land on the Moon, or other airless bodies. Lowers periapsis until Still being developed.
Nodeexec Script to execute a node
NodeexecRCS Script to execute a node, but using only RCS